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Requirements of Installation and Technical

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Mechanical seals are precise parts. They require very high manufacturing precision and installation accuracy. Any assembly discrepancy will cause the failure of sealing. The following are correct procedures for installation.
i、Requirements of other pump components.
① The tolerance of the shafts on the location of mechanical seals≤h6. Surface roughness≤ 1.6 μm.
② The shaft (sleeve) and the bore shall be chamfered and polished.
③ Maximum axial movement of shafts≤0.5mm.
④ Maximum horizontal vibration of shafts≤0.5mm.
⑤ Maximum verticality between shafts and flanges≤0.5mm.
ii、Requirements of mechanical seals.
① Components of mechanical seals must meet the requirements of drawings.
② For balanced seals, a 3-5mm gap shall be maintained between rotary ring and chamber.
③ The verticality between seat and axis must be smaller 0.05mm. Measure by micrometer before install mechanical seals.
④ The error allowance of spring compressed height is ±0.2mm as per drawing.