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Sealing ring standard

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The sealing ring standard can be divided into O-ring, star seal, X-ring, hollow tube seal, V-ring, L-ring, U-ring, Y-ring according to the cross section of the seal. , shaped seals. According to the material can be divided into nitrile rubber seal ring, natural rubber seal ring, neoprene seal ring, EPDM rubber seal ring, hydrogenated nitrile rubber seal ring, silicone seal ring, fluorine rubber seal ring, silicone rubber seal ring. The seal standard is ID ID*CS wire diameter.
The sealing ring device requirements, the sealing ring is the most important and effective means to solve the leakage problem of the hydraulic system pump mechanical seal system. If the sealing system is defective in the hydraulic system, the sealing ring may have an unacceptable external leakage. The oil leaking out will pollute the environment; it can also make the air enter the suction chamber, affecting the working performance of the hydraulic pump and the smoothness of the movement of the hydraulic actuator. Therefore, the reasonable mechanical seal selection and design of the seal ring is very important in the design of the hydraulic system. The requirements for the seal device are as follows:
1. The sealing ring should have good sealing performance under working pressure and a certain temperature range, and can automatically improve the sealing performance with the increase of pressure.
2. The friction between the seal ring device and the moving part should be small and the friction coefficient should be stable.
3. The sealing ring has strong anti-corrosion ability, is not easy to aging, has long working life and good wear resistance, and can automatically compensate to a certain extent after wear.
4. Simple structure, easy to use and maintain, so that the seal has a longer life.